Company Introduction

GEM PRECISION INDUSTRY AUTOMOTIVE COMPONENTS (SUZHOU)CO.,LTD was a Korean Solely Owned Enterprises,which located in the picturesque famous city Suzhou—south of the reaches of the Yangtze River. Having been adhering to the tenet of innovation and ceaselessly forward marching, down-to earth cooperation in the spirit of the truth pursuing, as well as prompt and careful attention since its establishment of June,2004, GEM has advanced by leaps and bounds,and thus now,has become one of China’s most famous auto parts manufacturing companies after years of suffering and experiences.

We can make all the following manufacturing process independently , ranging from metal mold designing to stamping processing, welding, precision machining, pressuring downward and inspection etc, as well as having favorable conditions such as data, systematic manufacturing process systematic and strict quality assurance,etc, thus we can purchase from materials and supply finished products.In addition, the company also has special equipment for assembling and pressing device in order to meet needs of multiple varieties a small amount of production conditions.

Besides, we will set a steering technical research institute in the future, we shall not only unique research and design to be a competent and professional column manufacturer, and to be successful as a professional enterprise who made contribution to the development if automobile industry, and to the human society.

GEM motto is change and innovation, ”Do it, do it! Make it!” as a corporate purposes,”Zero Defect, Customers Friendly” as the core values of GEM. We keep continuous struggling and seeking reforming, with the craftsman’s sprit of customers friendly, with the factory and products innovation, and strive to be the best one in this field all over the world.


Chairman of GEM Automotive Precision:¡¡